Taking a Huge Leap of Faith

How we got started?

Number one question we get all the time. We are husband & wife team literally starting up in our basement. I have been in banking and customer service all of my adult life. My husband is a retired firefighter currently working as a safety consultant. We are happy but I always dreamed of having my own ladies boutique. Life is short and we aren't getting any younger. I didn't want to be one of those people who had a dream but never tried to make it real.

We knew this would be a huge challenge because we are just one "little fish" in a great big sea of other online stores selling their products as well. For myself it is a pure labor of love! We truly want to be that one online shop where you feel "Welcomed" and appreciated --- like buying from a friend. 

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  • Stephanie Ann Woodbury

    So glad you finally took the leap and dove into doing what you love! Excited to see your business grow and flourish 🥰

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