Why Gypsy Soul Boutique?

Several people have asked where I came up with the name "Gypsy Soul Boutique?" Is it because you sell Boho clothing, or Gypsy prints? Although I do like some of the Boho clothing, that is not how I came up with the name. You see as a kid our family moved around quite a bit and when I was a young married adult we moved around too much, never really settled!!  My family said, " I had my moving boxes trained!" All I had to do was snap my fingers the boxes would be packed. LOL 

It had its advantages & disadvantages, it taught me how to socialize with people from all different walks of life. Old, young, rich, poor, disabled, beach-bums, farmers, tourists, etc. I enjoy hearing others stories, meeting new people. Yet there is a part of me who always feels like I don't belong. 

My Dad loved to travel, see and explore new places, take a risk. My Grandma said, "He was a Gypsy." So I guess some would say I take after my Dad and that's ok with me. I do have a "Gypsy Soul & Spirit", as I absolutely love to travel, see new places, experience new things, take a risk, have adventures, make special memories! It is a great big world out there. Why not enjoy it? 

So there you have it, that is how I came up with my business name. I feel it is very meaningful and fitting for me. 

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